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Concrete Care


You may step on fresh concrete two days after it has been poured.

Heavy objects (patio furniture) can safely be placed on fresh concrete in two or three days.

You can drive on your driveway 6-8 days after concrete is poured.

Fresh concrete can very easily be scuffed; do not drag anything (especially your feet) on it.

We recommend hosing down your new concrete surface in the summer at least once a week. This will keep the concrete moist and give it more strength.

DO NOT use any DEICERS on concrete for snow or ice removal. It will cause new concrete surfaces to spall or flake. They do not chemically react with the concrete and will aggressively attack and deteriorate it. They also increase the number of freeze/thaw cycles.

We advise the use of sand (without salt) or kitty litter in lieu of any de-icers to make the concrete skid resistant. Plain sand will provide ample traction.

NEVER use DEICERS or FERTILIZERS containing AMMONIUM NITRATE or AMMONIUM SULFATE or UREA. They will rapidly disintegrate concrete.

DO NOT use SODUIM CHLORIDE or CALCIUM CHLORIDE. We recommend you check into a surface sealer once the concrete is fully cured for better protection.

For STAIN removal DO NOT use harsh ACIDS. Use a product specifically designed for the stain in question and for use on concrete.

KEEP concrete CLEAN of snow and ice by your shovel, being careful not to drag or dig into the concrete. Heavy machinery should NOT be used for snow removal. Snow blowers should not damage the surface. Any other MACHINERY used for snow removal is at the OWNERS RISK.



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