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Building Green

As a construction and demolition (C&D) company, Sarnia Cement Services continuously update our knowledge of Sarnia and the surrounding area’s disposal rules, regulations and requirements while committing to reuse and recycle.

We thrive on educating our employees and involving our sub-contractors to `make recycling part of the job` while indicating the designated salvage containers. We promote, encourage, monitor and acknowledge their efforts in our recycling program.

With waste being generated at construction sites yielding 6% per square foot and all construction waste being 10-15% of the total municipal solid waste stream, it amounts to C&D being one of the largest waste streams in the country. Approximately 90-95% job site waste is recyclable and it makes economic sense.

We choose to reduce our overall impact on the environment. By practising mainly source separation or “closed-loop” recycling and on occasion commingled or “single-stream” recycling by hauling the debris to local waste management facilities, unless it is contaminated.

By deconstruction we implement environmental responsibility and by salvaging reusable materials to be recycled. Here are some of the ways in which we establish our “Building Green” program:

  • We reduce, reuse and recycle clean (non-treated) wood and reuse treated wood for formations, shims, spike-stakes etc.
  • The old concrete, blocks and bricks that we take away are recycled and in turn are used as a base substitute for À` gravel that we use before we pour the new cement.
  • Broken asphalt and roofing shingles are recycled and recycled asphalt is used as a low-dust alternative to regular gravel.
  • Reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation.
  • Land-clearing debris is sorted and used as clean fill or grounded for compost usage.
  • Protect occupant health and to improve employee productivity.
  • We send back extra inventory.
  • Request reduced packaging from our suppliers and take back packaging.
  • We utilize reused building materials.
  • Efficiently use energy, water and other resources.
  • Recycle shop and office paper products.
  • Dispose of ink cartridges, bulbs, paint, carbon film, computer software and drives at local collection depots or department store drop-offs diverting them from the landfills.
  • We keep the commercial curb-side waste well below the city limits for collection services.
  • Separate recyclables, collecting acceptable blue box items, (ex. employee disposed of items) and placing them in blue boxes for city collection.
  • Dumping leaves, grass, shrubs, saw dust, brush, branches, logs, stumps and residential garden waste to the city compost and in return using the recycled compost for back fill, mulch and topsoil.
  • Using alternative fueled vehicles.
  • Utilizing electronic, paperless business documentation and banking.
  • Use local natural materials and environmentally friendly products.

To conclude, Sarnia Cement Service also takes into great consideration using more permeable concrete and the corrective measures for crucial placement of expansion joints along with key radius and slop measurements of the concrete formations. As to balance the grade and avoid excessive sloping and at the same time reducing the possibilities of extreme run-offs in to our local drains because “recycling is part of our job”!

– Sarnia Cement Services


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